The creative process...

Renowned for his images of glamorous females and quirky gents, Al talks us through how our Artisan characters came to life.

London Gent

Sketched during rush hour from a pub near London's Savile Row. This dapper gent puts his own stamp on dressing for business in the city.

Kill them with kindness

No Guns! Life's better with kindness and a great pair of heels. A tongue in cheek take on a London Guard strutting down the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

Madame Violet

This elegant lady was sketched straight from the steps at the Cannes Film Festival. She has an effortless style and grace along with a playful twist.

The Italian Princess

Sleek, sassy and certainly not lacking in confidence she stood soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine adjacent to our restaurant on the star studded island of Capri. I had to borrow a waiters note pad to quickly sketch this fresh Italian Princess before she was whisked aboard a classic Riva yacht.

Easy Eduardo

Style with attitude is his life motto, a sharp drink needs a sharp dresser and this South American man of mystery is certainly that. Waiting patiently for his chauffeur on an fruit crate watching the world go by, oblivious to the fact I've just sketched him.

Smokey Joe

Steve wanted a cowboy... but I just don't like cowboys! Joe is a gent who takes his hat off indoors, he's creative and a bit of a quirky character, just like our Barrel Smoked Cola.